Wednesday, September 16, 2015

One of the safest ways to stay out of trouble, is to do nothing. I seem to ignore that suggestion and get myself in more problems than a woman my age should have, but It keeps me young. Writing these books is one thing, getting them into print is another. Oh, if I only had a good fairy god mother on my shoulders to write them for me and have no need for editing. Well Dream they tell me.
Brian never stopped loving her. He longed for her every day since she left. When he heard Kristina was coming back, he was anxious to see her, but wanted to wait until she got settled after the trauma of being abused so terribly by her husband, now her ex-husband. He knew about the damage Jason did to her face and didn't want to embarrass her by calling or going to see her to soon. When Kristina needed help to fix her clankedy old car, she had no choice, but to call on Brian who had a car repair garage. She knew he'd help her, but what she didn't know was how much more he'd do for her.

Abuse is on the rise, with so many out of work, and some who just find it great to beat another person. This books is to all those who have lived with an abuser, or who know someone who has. Get out as soon as you can and get help. there is a better life for you. Take hold of the situation and leave.